About BATS

A Short History
Founded in 1989, BATS Theatre Company has been providing performing arts opportunities to the Casey community for over 30 years. Originally formed as the Berwick Amateur Theatre Company, BATS has since spread to perform in various venues across the City of Casey. Currently based in Cranbourne, BATS rehearses and has it’s storage facility, the Belfry, at The Factory which forms part of the Casey Complex.

BATS Theatre Company’s aim is to provide the community with the opportunity to experience live theatre at an affordable price, whilst also giving budding thespians, both young and old, the opportunity to perform in a theatre.

2023/24 Committee
President: Annette Neilson
Vice President: Debbie Jenkins
Secretary: John Pendergast
Treasurer: Kristie Ogden

General Committee:
Bridie Clark
Vicki Collier
Rhys Goodwin
Jordan Grenfell
Daniel Neilson
Georgia Neilson
Emma Tabone
Jenny White

Junior Committee:
Kiarra Jones

Life Members (in order of appointment):
Sharon Maine
Susan Bergman, OAM
Jenny Black (Dec)
Clive Rogers
Susan Collier
Vicki Collier
Melanie Bouette
Annette Neilson

BATS Theatre Company Policies
Click on the links below to access each policy document. You will need a PDF reader to view.
Child Safe Policy
Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities Policy
Photography and Filming Policy
Complaints Handling Policy
Work Health and Safety Policy